Saturday, June 15, 2013

What is Patagonia?

Is Patagonia a place? Is it a clothing company? Is it a story? Is it a state of mind?

Patagonia is the Southern most part of South America.

Interesting fact: Patagonia means “land of the big foot” in Spanish because the European explorers found the large footprints of the indigenous people on the beach and figured that they had a large shoe size. Little did they know that Native people used organic material to protect their feet from the elements that made their footprints look larger than normal.

This region includes the countries of Argentina and Chile. We have sea kayak trips in both sides of Patagonia in both the Argentine and Chilean sides. On the Argentine side you will find a desert environment teaming with wildlife. On the Chilean side, the Andes mountain range falls into the Pacific in temperate rain forest covered fjords.

Today Patagonia is one of the most preserved ecosystems on earth and a last frontier as far as unexplored areas of natural beauty.

Ever want to go there? Let us know! Our next trip is coming up:

Chile Patagonian Fjords Sea Kayaking: February each year

Book your spots now, as they are already starting to fill up!

Hello and welcome to the launching of our new OYV Kayak and Adventure site!

We are excited about our new trips and looking forward to a great year. OYV Kayak and Adventure is an adventure travel company that is focused on providing the best sea kayaking and hiking experiences while leaving the least impact possible. We love and care about these places!!!! These are amazing corners of the world that we want to share with you. We strive to let our enthusiasm for these activities and unique spots rub off on those who we can share them with.

We offer four trips in four countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Panama. These are all sea kayaking and hiking trips with wildlife observation and cultural exchange. Besides the outdoor opportunities on these trips, remember that these trips start and finish in some spectacular cultural centers: Buenos Aires, Salvador da Bahia, Santiago and Panama City. A few days in these cultural centers are tastes of some of what these countries are about, then when put together with outdoor experiences in beautiful natural areas you have a truly special view of each area.

We are happy to announce our upcoming dates for new trips. Enjoy the summer, but it is never too early to start setting up adventures like these:

Patagonian Fjords Sea Kayaking, Chile: December
Chile pics are: here

Kuna Yala Sea Kayaking Expedition, Panama: December
Kuna Yala, Panama pics: here

Enjoy the site and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Best regards,

Nels Langbauer

Adventure Travel: see the world.

Why do we travel? Is it to escape? Is it to learn? Is it for freedom? Some simply want to feel a change of pace and meet new people. Everyone has their reasons for breaking away from what they do every day and seeing something new.

Adventure travel is a way of seeing the world by directly engaging in an activity to see a natural and cultural area. OYV Kayak and Adventure offers active adventures that include hiking in Brazil, Sea Kayaking in Chile, whale watching by kayak in Argentina or cultural encounters while island hopping in Panama.

For more trip photos from these spots click: here.

Annually our trip schedule is:
February- Patagonian Fjords Sea Kayaking, Chile
December- Kayaking in the Caribbean Isles of San Blas, Panama

Check out and prepare for:
July- Trekking in Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, Brazil
August- Sea Kayaking and Whale Watching on the Peninsula Valdes, Argentina

Maybe you have never thought of traveling to South America or Central America or maybe you did not ever dream of practicing these activities there. Has it been your dream to go to one of these places? We are specialists in active adventure in Latin America.

Maybe your next trip will be getting to know tropical islands with the locals or seeing the temperate rainforest from the water’s edge powered by your own energy. We can help you discover a new place in what might be a new way.